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“Panidor is a family company with decades of experience”

CEO of Panidor

"I come from a family of bakers and understand the value bread has in every home. From early on I learned to respect this art and, just like my parents, I dedicate my life to it and hand it my sustenance."

"People have changed throughout the years. As families have different ways, the market has transformed itself. For this reason, the business was built around this new reality, approaching the market with a different perspective, always keeping my family´s heritage present."

"Deep-frozen products came from this new reality, as well as the development of new products and processes that allow us to offer fresh and crisp products, at any time of the day."

"For the past two decades, we haven´t stopped growing nor investing. Our production lines have been extended several times, as has been our product line. Nevertheless, I still wake up every day with new ideas, concepts, and visions of where we want to be in 20 years."

"Although its still only dreams, I know I will never stop kneading, and I will continue to write this story with work, dedication, and inspiration."

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Some Panidor Products

Pastel de Nata

Portuguese Tart 60g

60 pcs / carton

From an award winning bakery in Portugal and throughout Europe comes this world famous Portuguese egg custard tart with a recipe that has stood the test of time.

It took monks and nuns from the monasteries of Portugal in the 16th century to combine these simple ingredients to create a creamy flaky sweet perfection in two bites.

Romeo & Juliet puff pastry 100g

50 pcs / carton

As if Shakespeare created yet another of his classic masterpieces to prov​ide one of the most distinctive and charming snacks of our modern era.

A lovely twist of life's sweet guava with cheesy moments encased in a perfect flaky puff pastry creating a unique and irresistable flavor.

Conceived with love from an award winning bakery in Portugal and throughout Europe.

Mini Pastel de Nata 35g

120 pcs / carton

(Note: image above is a retail box) 

Nata de Bacalhau

(Codfish pie 33g)

72 pcs / carton

An award winning modern interpretation of this Portuguese classic brings together a delightful combination of Pacific cod with bechamel sauce caressed in a delicate puff pastry.

Bacalhau is codfish that has been doused in vast quantities of salt and dried under the Mediterranean's hot sun. This ancient method of preservation means the cod can be stored indefinitely at ambient temperatures, with no bacterial or mould able to grow on the highly saline dried cod fish.

Note: Panidor also has 200+ other pastry and bakery products.    

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